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Trekking itineraries in the upper Varaita Valley

The Varaita Valley (Val Varacha in the Occitan language) is a Piedmontese Valley in the Province of Cuneo, which extends for about sixty km from Costigliole Saluzzo to Colle dell'Agnello, an international pass at 2744 m asl, which connects the valley to Queyras French.

The valley, dominated by the presence of the Monviso, which with its 3841 m of altitude is normally visible from every itinerary and Cima in the area, has at its head numerous peaks above 3000 meters, and numerous alpine lakes.

The entire valley is crossed by the Varaita stream, and at Casteldelfino it forks into the two main branches of Bellino and Chianale, from which other different and interesting secondary valleys branch off.

The historical, artistic, cultural, religious and gastronomic heritage is wide and varied. Worth mentioning is the Museum of Costume and local crafts in Chianale.

The Bosco dell'Alevè, which extends over the municipalities of Pontechianale and Casteldelfino, is the largest extension of Swiss stone pine in Italy, and one of the largest in Europe.

On this page we present a selection of interesting trekking itineraries, even if the possibilities for tours in the area, from one to seven days, are almost endless. The numerous connecting hills, between the various valleys and slopes, are in fact easily accessible on foot, by skis and often also by mountain bike.

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