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The Savigliano refuge has reopened!

Il rifugio Savigliano
birra Kauss alla spina

Respecting the deadlines, the Savigliano refuge, after a closure of two and a half months for renovations in the kitchen area, reopens every weekend starting from 11/14/2020.

Possible opening by reservation even during the week.

On the other hand, continuous opening is scheduled for December 19 and until mid-February 2021. We will keep you informed on our website and on the social pages for any changes due to the covid19 situation.

Surely we reopen in a difficult moment, but we are authorized, according to the regulations in force, to accommodate those who for work or other needs can go to Pontechianale, with also evening catering and breakfast.

And from today, thanks to Kauss, we also have beer on tap!
We rely heavily on the local supply chain of producers and retailers. Here you will find, in addition to Kauss di Piasco beer, also the beers of Officina Antagonisti di Melle, for a total of 12 different craft beers of the two brands of Valle. In addition we have other beers from some of the best international brands, for one of the most assorted offerings in the Valley.

Among the typical products we cannot miss Les Ravioles, the Tumin dal Mel, the Nostrale and the Tome di Becetto, the meat of the cattle raised in the alpine pastures, the potatoes of the Varaita Valley.

Among our current suppliers: Kauss di Piasco beer, Officina Antagonisti di Melle, Azienda Agricola dal Bessè di Becetto, Dairy Val Varaita di Venasca, Viviano di Venasca cured meats, Excelsior coffee from Busca, and others that we are looking for locally ...


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+39 339 5378454

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The refuge is normally open in the following periods:

June 1st - September 30th

December 20 - mid February

on weekends or on request

Inquire by phone or email / social

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